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Wall of Dust



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Idith is an Israeli grandmother who volunteers for Machsom Watch, an organization that monitors Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank. Her daughter has emigrated to California. Maybe she should too. Hussein is a shadowy figure with the Islamic resistance. He is charged with observing Aisha to determine whether she should be stopped or ignored. But he finds it hard to make a decision and wonders why. Their lives intersect. 


“Timely and timeless,” Wall of Dust is a novel of heartbreaking loss, yet also of the persistence of hope.

A Purer Evil

ISBN-13: 978-14664419575

In this first volume of a projected series, Arthur Lehmann, a young Episcopal priest, is the new pastor of a small congregation in rural Ohio. He has come there to grieve and to reconstruct a life for himself after the tragic death of his pregnant wife in a car accident. He wants nothing but peace, quiet, and an undemanding routine to dull his pain.


Then one night, while walking his dog, he is attacked by a strange animal, and his peace is destroyed forever. His passions and zest for life return, but something is horribly wrong. He is slowly changing, into what, he does not know. Then under the full moon, the change is complete. He is consumed by the primal instincts of a beast: he hungers, he craves, he lusts.


Meanwhile, as he pursues his duties as a pastor as best he can, something is wrong with the local high school's cheerleading squad.  A former cheerleader  is murdered;  another is glad to be injured and away from it. 


Lehmann has become a monster. He is now a slave to urges that threaten to pull him down into a squalid world of barely human creatures where a quick death is his most likely fate. He must fight for his mortal existence and for his eternal soul or he will lose them both.


As one reader put it, “A Purer Evil is a paranormal novel for adults.” And stay tuned for the second volume in this series, projected for late 2016.




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